The Hoover Institution Working Group on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Prosperity (Hoover IP²) announced the agenda for its conference on “Innovation and Patent Systems: Assessing Theory and Evidence” that will be held at Stanford University on May18–19, 2017.

The presentations are two general areas of property rights: the effects of patents on innovation and productivity and pharmaceutical pricing and innovation. Presentations on patents include

  • Jonathan Barnett will examine recent empirical studies relating to patent thickets, patent holdup, and royalty stacking in “Has the Academy Led Patent Law Astray?
  • Alexander Galetovic will examine if patent holders create monopoly power and if there is an anti-commons tragedy in the smartphone industry.
  • Bowman Heiden and Nicolas Petit, in their presentation, and Igor Nikolic will examine different aspects regarding standard essential patents (SEPs); Heiden and Petit look at the behavior of implementers, who may delay licensing payments, and Nokolic will present alternative remedies that should be considered when disputes arise between patent holders and licensors.

Two presentations will address issues in the pharmaceutical industry

The conference is the eighth in a series of semiannual conferences organized by Hoover IP2. The conferences feature presentations of leading academic research addressing intellectual property rights, particularly how intellectual property rights protection affects innovation.

Space at the conference is limited, and attendance is by invitation only. To request a seat at the conference, e-mail