Hoover IP² Working Group Advisory Board 

Matteo is the CEO of Fulcrum Strategy, where he provides strategic guidance and tactical execution to realize maximum commercial advantage from innovation and intellectual property assets, from invention through monetization. (

His career spans over twenty years across all facets of the strategic creation, funding, management, and commercialization of high-value innovations and intellectual property assets in an international context. With an emphasis on creating commercial impact, he focuses on developing advantaged technologies that command profitable market positions and then fortifying that advantage through solid intellectual property protection. Regularly employing vehicles such as new business creation (start-ups/spin-outs), M&A, licensing, assertion, venture/strategic funding, and novel business models, he also ensures optimal returns from these assets. To that end, he has successfully completed transactions representing organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia, ranging from Fortune 500® companies to start-ups, universities, and national laboratories. In addition to their strategic benefits, a number of these transactions were valued at over US$100 million.

Matteo operates across industry and technology domains spanning mobile computing and smart phones, big data, social networking, energy, and clean tech (e.g., solar and water), web and e-commerce, computer and consumer electronics, networking (e.g., interoperability and security), and telecom.

Additional leadership roles include as two-term chairman of the US Patent & Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Public Advisory Committee, which operates like a Board Of Directors (overseeing operations, goals, performance, budget, and so on) for the USPTO; the Board of the Stanford University Hoover Institution for Intellectual Property and Innovation; the Board of the Tsinghua University Intellectual Property Center; the Board of the European Center for Intellectual Property Studies, the Board at the Intellectual Property Institute of Norway; and as chairman of the Silicon Valley Licensing Executive Society Chapter. Matteo also serves as an expert for the US. Congress; federal agencies, including the US Department of Commerce and US Security and Exchange Commission; the United Nations: and at trial and as a lecturer at universities worldwide.

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Updated May 28, 2015