Hoover IP² Working Group Advisory Board 

Benjamin Kwitek is an entrepreneur, inventor, and angel investor from Colorado. He currently serves as president and CEO of InterForm, Incorporated. He also helps lead Bullet Proof Technology, Gellyfish Technology, and Papernomad GmbH. Many world-class companies, including Acer, Dell, Herman Miller, Lenovo, Pentel, and Sony, have licensed his ideas. He holds degrees and honors from Colorado State University and the University of Colorado. In 2005, he completed his PhD at Colorado State University where his research, entitled Driving Economic Development, looked at partnerships between colleges and high-tech businesses. He has further studied innovation and intellectual property at the Harvard Business School. Kwitek has appeared in BMW Magazine, Digital Trends, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Rhapsody, Robb Report, and newspapers across the United States. In his spare time he teaches business and economics at Pueblo Community College. He has lectured on patents at Stanford University and enjoys assisting fellow inventors and startups with their innovation strategies.

Updated July 23, 2014