IP² 2014 Summer Institute: Comments

2014 STI students

What was the most beneficial aspect of the Summer Teaching Institute?

“The conversation between professors and students, the expertise and different ways the material was presented, and the real life experience/examples you couldn’t get in any other setting.”

“Interfacing with peers and instructors in a more casual, low-staked environment.”

“I really liked when instructors used case studies and taught us from the point of view of a business actor.”

“The content of the lectures and the contacts I made.”

“The team project—I had a very focused group, so we had the opportunity to being working on a long-term project and ‘network’ in the more effective way¯that is, working on something together. The other nice benefit of the project was the chance to work on something with people from other disciplines and from other schools (though I guess my team was almost all UChicago …).”

“Meeting the professors and listening to their lectures, and the presentations.”

“The most beneficial aspect of the program was attending lectures by well renowned professors. It was a wonderful opportunity to network.”

“The classroom instruction and readings.”

“The openness and quality of the instructors and especially Professor Haber’s setting the tone with comfort through humor.”

“The opportunity to meet the instructors and fellow students.”

“Interaction with the other students, engaging with the subject matter, being part of Stanford for two weeks.”

“Meeting stellar faculty and students in a wonderful setting.”

“The guest instructors were all excellent, and I enjoyed hearing a diverse range of opinions.”

“Intensive refresher on competition strategy and IP.”

“The overall quality of the program (instructors, content, logistics). Both the idea and the implementation were flawless.”

“The knowledge that I left with was undoubtedly the most beneficial aspect, however, the relationships formed with my fellow attendees and professors was a close second.”

Additional comments and suggestions

“I loved it!”

“I have two friends in mind who would really benefit from the program and will point them toward the application materials when they become available. Thanks for two excellent weeks!”

“I am very thankful for the opportunity and feel very honored to have been part of the program. The length of the program should span over the entire duration of summer break.”

“Send slide decks in advance. Hew closely to slides. Don’t skip through slides or have irrelevant, filler slides. Limit slide text. Too many decks contained slides full of text or graphs that were too dense to discuss as a class.”

“Some professors assigned an extreme amount of reading. No professor actually covered more than a small portion of the reading.”

“Although I lack any counterfactual, this will provide me with a framework for thinking through policy decisions in the future. I plan to continue my education with such a systematic framework in mind. I am very grateful to have been admitted and to attend.”

“There were times when the instructors were redundant of each other or taught us basic economics even after having the basic economics lecture. That felt redundant. I also think the basic economics lecture should be an optional session for those who would like a refresher (and maybe the others could do one of the campus/Hoover tours). Additionally, I wish there had been more of a chance to hear about the academic/professional pursuits of the students, since everyone had an area of expertise. Maybe in addition to group projects, each student could present on a paper he or she has worked on or a work project (especially where relevant to the subject matter days).”

“Thank you—it was a wonderful and informative two weeks!”

“Truly the best such program I have ever attended. Thank you very much for inviting us!”

“The program was excellent!”

“It was a wonderful experience. Thank you all very much for organizing such a great program. IP2 Summer Institute was by far the best program of this type that I have participated in. It would be great if the Institute will provide more feedback on our performance and provide additional opportunities for future networking (Facebook and other social media, newsletter with latest papers and articles from IP2, invitation to engage in online debates at hoover.org or via other platforms). I felt this was an extremely valuable experience and I look forward to helping and/or participating in the future in any way that I can. ”

“Living stipend should be disbursed in a more fungible way than Cardinal Card. Just not enough options open during the summer months on campus for it to be effective.”

“The organizing team has put together a truly unique program for young professionals interested in government regulation. With outstanding lecturers and participants, our discussions are extremely stimulating and often continue late into the evenings. It is almost certain that many excellent ideas will emerge from this collaboration and inspire our work long after the program is over.”