A Hoover IP² Working Group Conference
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THURSDAY, May 12, 2016
Annenberg Conference Room (Room 105), Lou Henry Hoover Building, Stanford University
9:00 a.m.Welcome and Introduction: Stephen Haber
9:15 a.m.“The Bright Side of Patents” by Joan Farre-Mensa, Deepak Hegde, and Alexander Ljungqvist
Presenter: Deepak Hegde
Discussant: Ross Levine
Moderator:  Stephen Haber
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10:45 a.m.“The Market for Software Innovation” by Colleen Chien
Presenter: Colleen Chien
Discussant: Jonathan Barnett
Moderator: Damon Matteo
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1:00 p.m.“Patent Assertion Entities and Patent Litigation Characteristics and Outcomes” by Christopher Anthony Cotropia, Jay P. Kesan, and David L. Schwartz
Presenter: David Schwartz
Discussant: Scott Kieff
Moderator: Henry Smith
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2:15 p.m.“Disentangling a Conceptual Thicket: The Economics of Patent Holdup, Royalty Stacking, and Standards as Market Power” by Alexander Galetovic and Stephen Haber
Presenter: Alexander Galetovic and Stephen Haber
Discussant: Wes Hartmann
Moderator: James Pooley
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3:45 p.m. “Tournaments and FRAND Royalties” by J. Gregory Sidak
Presenter: Gregory Sidak
Discussant: Bo Heiden
Moderator: : Richard Sousa
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FRIDAY, May 13, 2016
Annenberg Conference Room (Room 105), Lou Henry Hoover Building, Stanford University
9:00 a.m.
“Innovation Heuristics: Experiments on Sequential Innovation in Intellectual Property” by Stefan Bechtold, Christopher Buccafusco, and Chris Sprigman
Presenter: Christopher Buccafusco
Discussant: Victor Menaldo
Moderator: Michael LoCascio
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10:30 a.m.“The British Patent System during the Industrial Revolution, 1700–1852” by Sean Bottomley
Presenter: Sean Bottomley
Discussant: Naomi Lamoreaux
Moderator: Richard Sousa
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Presenters, Discussants, Moderators

Jonathan M. Barnett—Professor of law, Gould School of Law, University of Southern California

Stefan Bechtold—Professor of intellectual property, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

Sean Bottomley—Postdoctoral fellow, Toulouse School of Economics, Université de Toulouse

Christopher Buccafusco—Professor, Cardozo Law School

Colleen Chien—Associate professor of law, Santa Clara University School of Law

Christopher Anthony Cotropia—Professor of law, Austin Owen Research Fellow, and director, Intellectual Property Institute, University of Richmond School of Law

Richard Epstein—Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University; Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law, New York University Law School; senior lecturer, University of Chicago Law School; member, Hoover Institution Working Group on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Prosperity (Hoover IP²) Steering Committee

Alexander Galetovic—Professor of economics, Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, Chile; visiting fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Stephen Haber—Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution; A.A. and Jeanne Welch Milligan Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences, professor of political science, of history, and (by courtesy) of economics, Stanford University; director, Hoover IP²

Wesley Hartmann—Professor of marketing, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; member, Hoover IP² Steering Committee

Deepak Hegde—Assistant professor of management and organizations, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Bowman Heiden—Deputy director, Center for Intellectual Property, University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Jay P. Kesan—H. Ross & Helen Workman Research Scholar and director, Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, University of Illinois College of Law

F. Scott Kieff—Commissioner, US International Trade Commission; Fred C. Stevenson Research Professor of Law (on leave), George Washington University

Benjamin Kwitek—President and CEO, InterForm Incorporated; member, Hoover IP² Advisory Board

Naomi Lamoreaux—Stanley B. Resor Professor of Economics and History and chair, department of history, Yale University; research associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER); member, Hoover IP² Steering Committee

Ross Levine—Willis H. Booth Chair in Banking and Finance, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; research associate, NBER; member, Hoover IP² Steering

Michael LoCascio—Senior manager, Global Catalyst Division, Intellectual Property Strategy,
BASF Corporation

Damon Matteo—CEO, Fulcrum Strategy; member of the board, Center for Intellectual Property Law, Tsinghua University (Beijing) Law School; member, Hoover IP² Advisory Board

Victor Menaldo–Associate professor of political science, affiliated faculty at the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, affiliated faculty of Near and Middle Eastern studies, University of Washington; instructor, Hoover IP2 Summer Teaching Institute on the Economics and Politics of Regulation

James Pooley—Founder, James Pooley a Professional Law Corporation; former deputy director general, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

David L. Schwartz—Professor of law, Northwestern University School of Law

J. Gregory Sidak—Chairman, Criterion Economics, Washington, DC

Henry E. Smith—Fessenden Professor of Law and director, Project on the Foundations of Private Law, Harvard Law School; member, Hoover IP2 Steering Committee

Richard Sousa—Research fellow, Hoover Institution; member, Hoover IP² Steering Committee

Christopher Sprigman—Professor of law, New York University Law School