January 11 – 12, 2016 • Stanford, CA


Declared Essential Patents
by Timothy Simcoe

The Market Impacts of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in Developing Countries: Evidence from India
Presenter Slides by Mark Duggan, Craig Garthwaite, and Aparajita Goyal
Discussant Slides by Alexander Galetovic

First-Mover Advantages Before and After TRIPS: Evidence from the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
by Chirantan Chatterjee

The Language of Trust and Reciprocity in Patent Markets: A Sociological Analysis of Property Rights on Messages Resolving Uncertainty in Exchange in Ideas
by Eskil Ullberg

Pushing Patent Boundaries
Presenter Slides by Janet Freilich
Discussant Slides by Janet Freilich

Insider Trading and Innovation
Presenter Slides by Ross Levine, Chen Lin and Lai Wei
Discussant Slides by Wes Hartmann