January 29–30, 2015 • Stanford, CA


The Acquisition and Commercialization of Invention in American Manufacturing: Incidence and Impact
by Ashish Arora, Wesley M. Cohen, and John P. Walsh

The Layered Patent System
by Michael Risch

Are Patent Disclosure and Definiteness Technology Specific?
by John R. Allison and Lisa Larrimore Ouellette

Patent Disclosure
by Deepak Hegde and Kyle Herkenhoff

Patents and Cumulative Innovation: Causal Evidence from the Courts
by Alberto Galasso and Mark Schankerman

Standard Setting, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Role of Antitrust in Regulating Incomplete Contracts
by Joanna Tsai and Joshua Wright

Patent Collateral, Investor Commitment, and the Market for Venture Lending
by Yael V. Hochberg, Carlos J. Serrano, and Rosemarie Ziedonis