May 18–19, 2017 • Stanford, CA


Patent Trespass and the Royalty Gap: Exploring the Nature and Impact of ‘Patent Holdup’ by Bowman Heiden and Nicolas Petit
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Has the Academy Led Patent Law Astray? by Jonathan Barnett
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Starving (or Fattening) the Golden Goose? Generic Entry and the Incentive for Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Innovation by Lee Branstetter, Chirantan Chatterjee, and Matthew J. Higgins
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Is There an Anti-common Tragedy in the Smartphone Industry? by Alexander Galetovic, Stephen Haber, and Lew Zaretzki
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A Quality-Adjusted Price Index for Colorectal Cancer Drugs by Claudio Lucarelli and Sean Nicholson
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Alternative Remedies in Standard Essential Patent Disputes
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